2015 Massachusetts Municipal Association Annual Meeting Handouts

It was wonderful to see so many familiar faces at the Massachusetts Municipal Association Annual Meeting on January 23-24 in Boston. We prepared several new updates for the meeting. The topics covered a wide range of legal issues, and links to each handout can be found below.

PDF Appeals Court Decision Clarifies Variance Requirements for Altering or Expanding Nonconforming Single- and Two-Family Dwellings
PDF Appellate Tax Board Decision Clarifies Application of So-Called Clause 45 Solar Tax Exemption
PDF Applicability and Impact of Impending Tax on “Cadillac Plans” under the Affordable Care Act
PDF Changes to the Massachusetts Campaign Finance Law
PDF City and Town Ways: A Primer of the Process of Layout, Acceptance, and Acquisition
PDF Continuing Town Meeting in the Event of Inclement Weather
PDF New FCC Rule Impacting Proposed Modifications to Wireless Facilities
PDF New Laws Impact Local Alcohol Licenses and Self-Distribution by Winegrowers In-State
PDF New Parental Leave Act – “Maternity” Leave Extended to Male Employees
PDF New Procurement Law May Make Solar/Wind Projects Faster
PDF Procedures for Enforcement of Bylaws and Statutes
PDF Recent Cases and Developments in Labor and Employment Law
PDF Search Committee Protocol
PDF Supreme Judicial Court Invalidates Local Laws Governing Maintenance of Abandoned/Foreclosed Properties
PDF Taxable Status of Property Owned by a Non-Profit Conservation Organization
PDF The Family and Medical Leave Act: Frequently Asked Questions for Public Sector Employers