Attorney Gregg J. Corbo to Present Motor Vehicle Dealer License Seminar to the Massachusetts Municipal Licensing Corporation

Attorney Gregg J. Corbo will present a seminar on licensing Motor Vehicle Dealers in Massachusetts (known as Class 1, 2 and 3 Licenses) at the Annual Meeting of the Massachusetts Municipal Licensing Corporation.  He will review licensing requirements and significant court cases and other legal developments, including the law... read more

Attorneys Barbara Saint André and Ilana Quirk to Present Land Use Law Seminar at the MAPD

For the 7th straight year, Attorneys Barbara Saint André and Ilana Quirk will present a Land Use Law Legal Update Seminar at the Massachusetts Association of Planning Directors annual conference.  They will review significant court cases and other legal developments from the past year.  The MAPD Annual Conference will... read more

Attorney Katharine Klein Receives Commendation of Excellence from Deputy Commissioner James E. Gillooly

Katharine Lord Klein Attorney Katharine Klein received a recent commendation of excellence from James E. Gillooly, Deputy Commissioner of the Boston Transportation Department (“BTA”), as part of a team of experts retained by BTA to acquire property interests needed for the $18 million Commonwealth Avenue bicycle, pedestrian and streetscape improvement project. Attorney... read more