KP Law Attorney Presentations at the Citizen Planner Training Collaborative’s Fall 2015 Series

Kopelman and Paige Attorneys again provide substantial support to the Citizen Planner Training Collaborative’s Fall 2015 training series.  More information is available here.

The following workshops will be presented by Kopelman and Paige attorneys:

10/28/2015: Attorney John Goldrosen will present a training session on the topic “Introduction to the Subdivision Control Law.” Among other issues it will cover are the most significant procedural requirements and planning board responsibilities when reviewing subdivision and ANR plans  it will be hosted by the Old Colony Regional Planning Agency at its office at 70 School Street in Brockton.

11/4/2015: Attorney Ilana Quirk will instruct on the subject of “Writing Defensible Decisions” covering the key points that will assist boards in writing clear decision that are defensible should they be appealed.  This session will be held at the FRCOG office, 12 Olive Street, Greenfield.

11/5/2015: Attorney John Goldrosen will present a training session on the Zoning Act’s application to “Vested Rights and Non-Conforming Uses,” in which he will explain the exceptions provided in the Zoning Act for certain uses and structures, and the protections enjoyed by pre-existing nonconforming uses and structures.

11/9/2015: Attorney John Goldrosen will conduct another training session on “Vested Rights and Non-Conforming Uses.” This seminar will take place at Shepley Showcase, 75 Benjamin Franklin Way in Hyannis.

11/10/2015: Attorney Joel Bard will explain the workings of Section 3 of the Zoning Act, which provides limited zoning exemptions for agricultural, educational, childcare and religious uses, as well as state and federal lands and uses.  The session is entitled, “Zoning Exemptions” and will be held at the NMCOG offices at 40 Church Street, Suite 200.

11/16/2015: Attorney Ilana Quirk will provide an overview of purposes of the Subdivision Control Law  and its particular procedures for plan approvals, in a seminar entitled “Introduction to the Subdivision Control Law,” hosted by the SRPEDD at this offices at 88 Broadway.