Victory for Town of Chelmsford in Bypass Appeal

Attorney Brian M. Maser recently secured a victory for the Town of Chelmsford in a challenge to a decision by the Police Chief to bypass a candidate for appointment as a police officer based on the candidate’s work history, credit history, driving record, and poor performance during his department review.  Following a one-day hearing before the Civil Service Commission, the full Commission credited all of the reasons for the Chief’s decision to bypass the appellant and dismissed his appeal.  At the hearing, the Police Chief and Deputy Chief testified as to their concerns relative to the appellant’s reliability and fitness to be a police officer given the incidents found during the Department’s background check.  Both also testified that the candidate who was ultimately appointed did not have similar negative background incidents.  The Decision can be found on the Commission’s website – Couture v. Town of Chelmsford, CSC Docket No. G-14-103.